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11am - 4pm

In a March 12 statement, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame President Joel Peresman said, "Our first concern is to the health and safety of our attendees and artists and we are complying to the direction of the local and state authorities and common sense. We look forward to rescheduling the ceremony and will make that announcement at the earliest convenience." The 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was originally slated to take place May 2 at Cleveland’s Public Hall. This year's class includes Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, the Doobie Brothers, Whitney Houston, T-Rex and the Notorious B.I.G.

Yes, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballots are actual paper ballots. And one of the voters shared a snapshot of their ballot over the weekend.


And no, John Heilemann didn’t fill it out first: I’m sure he would’ve gotten in trouble for that. It’s cool to see the genuine article out in the wild though, right? If I had this ballot in front of me, I’d be checking the boxes next to Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, and Tina Turner. And I’d write in Pat Benatar. How about you?