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Brian Johnson fronted the band Geordie before joining AC/DC. If you’re not very familiar with Geordie, Johnson’s YouTube channel has offered up some help.

Three performance clips of Geordie were recently uploaded for your viewing pleasure showing off some highlights from Johnson’s early career. Embedded below, those clips include:

-“Goodbye Love” (Live on the West Germany program Pop ’75, September 27, 1975)
-“All Because of You” (Live TV performance from 1973)
-“Blue Suede Shoes / Long Tall Sally” (Featuring Fogg from a March 1975 performance on the TV series Geordie Scene)

Johnson’s vocal power was evident long before joining AC/DC, but it is very weird to hear him sing glam and disco-inspired tunes. Oh, and the wardrobe is simply classic!

“Goodbye Love”

Geordie feat. Brian Johnson: Goodbye Love (Live on Pop '75, September 27th 1975)

A live Geordie performance on Pop '75, a music program that aired in West Germany from 1974 to 1979 and originally broadcast on the SWR and HR networks.

“All Because Of You”

Geordie feat. Brian Johnson: All Because Of You (Live TV Performance 1973)

In March 1973, fronted by Brian, Geordie released their debut album, Hope You Like It, on EMI Trying to compete with such British glam rock outfits as Slade...

“Blue Suede Shoes / Long Tall Sally”

Geordie feat. Brian Johnson & Fogg: Blue Suede Shoes / Long Tall Sally (Geordie Scene, March 1975)

Geordie and FOGG see out the show together in a classic live performance from North East music TV classic series 'Geordie Scene' in March 1975.


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