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March 1963: An exterior view of Cortachy Castle in Forfarshire, Scotland. The 15th-century castle, seat of the Airlie clan, has been modernised and modified by all of its tenants but it is still said to be haunted by the 'drums of death'. (Photo by Cowper/Central Press/Getty Images)

The real estate market in the Boston metro has been pretty crazy over the last year, but this is something we’ve never seen before.


Author Margot Bloomstein lives west of the city. A house around the corner from hers just hit the market, and the realtors added something new to the “For Sale” sign.


We have questions too, Margot. Why did the current owner insist on having the realtor lead with this? Not “New To Market” or “Price Reduced,” but “NOT HAUNTED.” And is this the sign of a new trend in Boston real estate? Will houses that hit the market now be classified as “HAUNTED” and “NOT HAUNTED.” And can I get a discount on a haunted house? Or at least force the ghosts to kick in on the monthly mortgage payment?