Wicked Spring Guide

While we’re on our way to starting to open up and venture out more than we were this time last year, it’s still pretty comfortable to just stay inside some nights and become one with your television and sofa.

Here are a number of selections from across the streaming universe (Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, & Disney+) that you’ll want to check out this March.



Amy Poehler stars as the mom in her second Netflix original with Moxie, a coming of age drama where a 16-year-old (Hadley Robinson) finds inspiration in her mom’s feminist past and launches a gender revolution in her high school with an anonymous zine that shines a light on sexism.

Nailed It: Double Trouble!

If you’ve seen previous seasons of Nailed It, there’s always been something just slightly missing (besides baking talent). This latest season aims to fix that by bringing in teams (think Amazing Race in the kitchen.) “Twice the fun. Double the fails!” says Netflix. This is a good light binge.

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

Recreated from actual FBI wiretaps, Operation Varsity Blues is an in-depth look at the college admissions scandal that captured the nation’s attention in 2019. From the same people who brought you the Fyre Festival documentary, it’s the inside story of “privilege gone wild” that gives you a look at one of the biggest stories prior to COVID, from another angle. Start streaming it March 17th.

Marriage or Mortgage

We’re surprised this one didn’t come out of HGTV. Marriage or Mortgage is in its first season where a real estate agent and a wedding planner compete to win over engaged couples. Which will they pick: dream wedding or dream house?

Last Chance U: Basketball

While March Madness is about to begin, it seems like the perfect time for the Netflix sports docuseries to come out with a basketball themed season. Last Chance U: Basketball showcases head coach John Mosley and the team at East Los Angeles College. The Huskies have a number of talented players that are hoping for not just associates degrees, but a shot at Division I universities and hopefully playing at the next level.

Amazon Prime Video

Back to the Future Trilogy

If you’ve got an afternoon to kill, spending it traveling through time with Marty McFly and Doc Brown is one way to spend it. Back to the Future I, II, and III are all available now to stream on Prime Video.


Life as a teenager is tough, but throw in super powers, and the fact that your old man is the most famous super hero in the world, and you’ve got this animated series that debuts on Prime Video on March 26th.


Kid 90

Back in the 90s, Soleil Moon Frye (of Punky Brewster fame) went everywhere with a video camera, before it was cool or common place to do so. Kid 90 is an unfiltered look at her life and the lives of a dozen other Hollywood teens through the 1990s.

Boss Level

Sure, the whole Groundhog Day-esque repeating the same day has been done before, but Boss Level on Hulu does it with a lot of action and dark humor. Frank Grillo is caught in a time loop on the day of his death, and he’s trying to get out of it, often times with mindless comedic results.

Disney +


You’ve probably seen Wandavision coming up on social media over the past few weeks. Now that it’s over, it’s a perfectly great binge-able weekend watch. Even if you’re not a crazed Marvel fan, the comedic storyline will keep you entertained as Wanda works her way through decade period sitcom spoofs while the underlying story is revealed.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Available this month on Disney + for a premium fee, the colorfully animated story of the latest Disney heroine, hailing from Southeast Asia, Raya is both a surface adventure kids will love, and a deeper saga that seems to parallel our own world as we approach the tail end of the pandemic.