A rapper from Spain is about to go to trial after a strange scenario led to him cutting off his roommates manhood.

Prosecutors in Spain are looking to jail Aaron Beltran, the Spanish rapper involved in this penis mutilation, Beltran was involved in a scheme to rack up social media views.

Beltran and his roommate came up with a plan to cut off his roommate’s manhood. Where payment would be made for the amputation but the amount depended on the number of times the video of the amputation was viewed. Beltran used a 12 inch kitchen knife and separated the man from the manhood.

He is now going to have to plead his case in a Spanish court. His lawyer is arguing that it was a consensual act plus the penis has been reattached so Beltran should not be held responsible for the act of mutilation.  Prosecutors argue that the victim suffers from dysphoria and even though the act was consensual it does not exempt the accused from criminal responsibility.

The roommate has not pressed any charges against Beltran.