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Twelve down, two to go: you gave us your Vote for the GOAT Top 5 lists for fourteen ROCK 92.9 acts, and I’ve responded to ’em all. Almost.


As I mentioned, there are two remaining. You can see my lists for the dozen I’ve covered so far here. Today, it’s all about Red Hot Chili Peppers. And the big question is: did any of Dave Navarro cuts make the cut? Well, they certainly didn’t make your list:


Vote for the GOAT – Red Hot Chili Peppers

5) Soul to Squeeze

4) Can’t Stop

3) Scar Tissue

2) Californication

1) Under the Bridge


But one did make mine!

5) Warped – When John Frusciante left RHCP the first time and was replaced by Dave Navarro, I was elated: I’m a huge Jane’s Addiction fan and was excited about the prospect of Navarro in the band. I dove into One Hot Minute the minute it was released, and less than a minute into the album’s opening track, there was Dave dropping a monster riff. I know their marriage was short-lived and the album isn’t looked upon as a catalogue highlight, but this song absolutely rips.


4) Behind The Sun – I like funky Chili Peppers. And I like happy Chili Peppers. This song scratches both of those itches.


3) Knock Me Down – Do you know how hard it was to track down an uncensored copy of Mother’s Milk on cassette back in ’89? Do you know how many times I went to the Strawberries on Rt. 1 in Saugus trying to find one? Do you?!


2) Soul To Squeeze – Coneheads Soundtrack, summer of ’93. All over the radio and MTV. This song takes me back there every time.


1) Breaking The Girl – Best Chilis song from the best Chilis album. In my humble opinion.