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With every Top 5 list I’ve put together so far, I’ve gone with my gut and tried not to overthink things. I didn’t do that with this list, and I suffered.


Why was it so hard for me to come up with my Top 5 Stone Temple Pilots songs? Truth be told, it was hard because I came up with 6, and had a helluva time leaving one off. In the end, I settled on this one. Below, you’ll find the five that made the cut, as well as your Top 5. You can then see the rest of the Vote for the GOAT Top 5s here. Mine all live over here.


Vote for the GOAT – Stone Temple Pilots 

5) Sex Type Thing

4) Wicked Garden

3) Creep

2) Interstate Love Song

1) Plush


My turn!

5) Lady Picture Show – This was a proper single off of Tiny Music… but I feel like it doesn’t quite get it’s due. If STP has an “underrated” hit, this is it.


4) Sour Girl – Same spiel: this hit is grossly underrated. And the acoustic version with Weiland singing like a cuckoo clock is amazing, too.


3) Big Empty – If my fuzzy memory is correct, this one came out on The Crow Soundtrack before it was released on Purple. Either way, I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and it still stands up all these years later.


2) Creep – I guess I’m a sucker for STP ballads? And I always loved Weiland’s vocals on the alternate take.


1) Plush – Yes, it’s an obvious choice. But it’s an all-time great rock song. And? When I was in high school, my jazz band director let me, the drummer, the bass player, and the guitarist learn it and cover it. I was like 16 and got to sing like Weiland!