A German rock duo is reaching their fans one by one via their touring van which they’ve transformed into a mini concert venue.

Milliarden, which translates to “Billions” in English, turned their touring van into the most intimate performance space ever are performing shows for their fans. The van is outfitted with one chair across from the duo’s members Ben Hartmann and Johannes Auewhich, and between the band and the “audience” is a plastic partition. The walls of the van are even lined with various posters to emulate a rock venue.

Hartmann told Reuters, “The fact that we have the club with us, that we are the club owners, so to speak, is something we use to get to the people who are not so close to this, to this cultural landscape, who are not in the big cities. We actually went to the villages and stopped in front of people’s houses and played for them. A crisis like this one brings so many opportunities that you only recognize once you do stuff. You just have to do it.”

Aue added, “I think it’s so nice that it works like this and that people respect it and accept it like that and get so emotionally connected to us here on this van. I think that is a gift. And that’s why it is awesome that we were able to pull it off without thinking how we could earn money with it. Because we are in an immense debt with our fans.”

You can see video of Milliarden’s performances in the video below.

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