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With a large portion of the country under some WAY lower than average temperatures, there have been a TON of people slipping and falling on ice and in snow.  Along with the advancement in security and doorbell cams combined with everyone having a cell phone camera, more of these falls are being captured on video!

Here is a bunch of videos of people slipping on ice.

This guy takes a spill so hard he decides to hop in the car and finish taking the trash out to the road.


Here is a classic falling down the front porch steps!


Here is one that is almost 3 times longer than it needs to be, but its a car stuck in some snow, another driver speeds right by.  Suddenly they stop and start to go in reverse…maybe to help? But things go poorly from that moment forward. (if video loads at start, skip to 1:30 for the juicy stuff, also pay attention to road, not the parked cars)


Here’s a woman biting it while trying out a Pinterest recipe she found for driveway de-icing solution…this is one we won’t be pinning to our Pinterest page.


Here’s another one of a guy having a REALLY bad day at work, and some other grown men that probably wish the person filming this didn’t sell it to a viral video YouTube account…


And to cap things off with a happy ending…the favorite ending of most Dave and Chuck the Freak listeners, here’s a kid and the family pet enjoying some slippery times on the ice and snow! AWWWWWWW!