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LONDON - AUGUST 29: Max Whatley and Meg Zakreta are watched by pedestrians as they lie in bed in a public artwork known as "No Inhibition" in the window of the Blink Gallery August 29, 2002 in London, England. The couple will be on public view for one week in bed, 24 hours each day. The artwork was created by artist Liam Yeates. (Photo by Sion Touhig/Getty Images)

A recent study of over 4,000 women asked them to name some attributes of their best sexual partners and it revealed beards and brown eyes topped the list.


Men with these sexy features are the best in bed, survey finds

The rom-com cliche of a well-stubbled sex machine with a piercing stare might not be far off. A recent study found that bountiful beards and brown eyes are the biggest indicators of whether a man is an assassin in the sack.