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ELCHE, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 06: A nurse cleans the tracheostomy performed on a Covid patient in a box at the University Hospital on November 06, 2020 in Elche, Spain. As opposed to France, Great Britain and Germany, which have imposed a second coronavirus nationwide lockdown, the Spanish government has adopted regional measures to combat the pandemic in this second wave. (Photo by Carlos Gil/Getty Images)

Another day, another man ring stuck on a guy’s penis. A man in Thailand was trying to make his dong look bigger before a big Valentine’s Day date but was rushed to the hospital after it swelled for two days. Doctor’s were able to remove the ring by using power tools and some pliers.


Man rushed to hospital after putting ring on penis ahead of Valentine's date

A ROMEO put a steel nut on his manhood to make it bigger for a Valentine's Day date - but was rushed to hospital after it swelled dangerously for TWO DAYS. Eye-watering pictures show doctors slicing off the DIY willy enlarger with a power tool and pliers in Bangkok, Thailand.