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I’ve passed the halfway mark with my Top 5 responses to your Top 5 lists and the time has now come to tackle the Guns N’ Roses catalogue.


A reminder: you can find all of my Vote for the GOAT Top 5s here. And you can revisit all of your Vote for the GOAT Top 5s over here. That being said, let’s look back at your GNR Top 5:


Vote for the GOAT – Guns N’ Roses

5) Mr. Brownstone

4) Paradise City

3) Welcome to the Jungle

2) November Rain

1) Sweet Child Of Mine


A fine list, that. Now, here’s mine:

5) My World – This one makes the list on sheer comedic value. I can remember listening to the Appetite tapes (I’m old) with my buddy Phil when they came out and we would crack up every time this one came on.

4) Get In The Ring – Same thing: an all-time Axl rant set to music.

4) Nightrain – “I’ve got a FEVER…and the only prescription…” is the kickass cowbell in this banger.

2) You Could Be Mine – Another soundtrack song? Technically, but it also features on Use Your Illusion II. Matt Sorum’s drumwork on the intro is one of my favorite GNR musical moments.

1) Don’t Cry – I’ll take the original over the alternate lyrics, thank you very much.