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Rounding out a week of Top 5s from Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, Foo Fighters, and Mötley Crüe with a hand-picked Top 5 from Boston’s Bad Boys.


Growing up, Aerosmith was always my parent’s band. Like the snotty teen I was, I’d always “rebel” by poking fun at them (the band and my parents, haha), so I’ll be curious to see what my folks think about my Top 5. You can see the rest of the Vote for the GOAT Top 5s here. Let’s first take a look at your Top 5.


Vote for the GOAT – Aerosmith

5) Janie’s Got A Gun

4) Mama Kin

3) Walk This Way

2) Sweet Emotion

1) Dream On


And now, mine:

5) Seasons Of Wither – I feel like this one’s a fan favorite: ask an Aerosmith lifer what their favorite track is, and they’ll usually throw this one out there. It’s certainly one of mine.

4) One Way Street – The best song on their debut album. Bluesy and raw.

3) Back In The Saddle – I’m…BAAAAACK! I can’t hear this one and not scream along.

2) Sweet Emotion – That bass groove and those harmonies. Unmistakable and timeless.

1) Walk This Way – The song that saved Aerosmith’s career (the first time). Eternal gratitude to the power of Run-D.M.C.