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My parade of Top 5s–which so far includes Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, and Foo Fighters, continues with a visit with Mötley Crüe.


First, though, we’ll revisit YOUR Top 5 Crüe tunes, which we tallied via your Vote for the GOAT votes. Take a look at those below, then keep scrolling for my personal Top 5. You can see the rest of the Vote for the GOAT Top 5s here.


Vote for the GOAT – Mötley Crüe

5) Kickstart My Heart

4) Smokin’ In the Boys Room

3) Girls, Girls, Girls

2) Shout At the Devil

1) Home Sweet Home


OK, now my picks.

5) Without You – The Crüe has always been able to bang out a solid power ballad, and this one’s my favorite. I was so obsessed with it I used to play along with Mick’s Mars’ lead on my grandfather’s lap steel guitar!

4) Looks That Kill – The riff, the quintessentially ’80s music video. This is peak Mötley Crüe

3) Primal Scream – Apparently I have a soft-spot for when a band includes something new on a greatest hits package (see Foo Fighters’ “Wheels”). This one was tagged onto Decade Of Decadence and it’s just filthy.

2) Kickstart My Heart – The perfect storm of hearing the first two seconds of a song and a) knowing exactly what song it is and b) knowing it kicks absolute ass.

1) Shout At The Devil – It was your Number 2, it’s my Number 1.