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With the Foo Fighters nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2021, it’s time to count down their Top 5 songs…again.


You voted for your Top 5 Foo tunes and we played them for you earlier this month. Now, I’m sharing my Top 5. Dive into both lists below, then do the same for Ozzy Osbourne and Pearl Jam. You can see the rest of the Vote for the GOAT Top 5s here.


Vote for the GOAT – Foo Fighters 

5) Times Like These

4) My Hero

3) Learn To Fly

2) Best Of You

1) Everlong


One of your Top 5 made it onto mine…just in a different form.

5) Rope – I feel like 2011’s Wasting Light is an underappreciated Foo album. And I feel like “Rope” might be the band’s most solid offering from the last decade.

4) Wheels – Released as one of the “new” tracks included on the Foo’s 2009 Greatest Hits package, I’m left wondering how this was ever a throwaway track. Big Tom Petty energy in the riff and the chorus.

3) Floaty – A 6/8 waltz that closes out the first side of the first Foo Fighters album, the acoustic opening into the crashing, distorted power chords of the verse would be a sign of things to come.

2) Everlong (Acoustic) – Your No. 1 song is my No. 2, but the acoustic version. It’s rare a stripped-down version of a song eclipses the original; that might be the case here. Just magnificent.

1) Exhausted – Have I mentioned the first Foo album is my favorite? Because it is. And every time the closer comes on, I crank it as loud as I possibly can, drowning myself in the wash of guitars.