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In a year where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has made great strides with their Class of 2021 nominees, I’m still left scratching my head.


All in all, the Hall did a much better job with their noms this year. Tina Turner, Kate Bush, and The Go-Go‘s joined over a half-dozen female artist on this year’s slate. Acts like Devo, Iron Maiden, and the New York Dolls–who all should be in the Hall already–are up for consideration. And Foo Fighters and Rage Against the Machine are will likely be shoe-ins on their first ballot.


But what of the artists that were passed over last year? Shouldn’t they automatically be up for consideration this year? You see, that would make sense. And so little of what the Rock Hall does makes sense. So that leads us to this week’s 12 Inch Poll. Take a look at the bands below and let me know which one should’ve been on the list of 2021 nominees.