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Yesterday, I kicked off my own personal Vote for the GOAT with my Top 5 Pearl Jam songs. Today, I’m shifting my focus to The Prince of Darkness.


To bring you up to speed, we spent January counting down Top 5s from 14 different ROCK 92.9 artists. You voted for your favorite Ozzy Osbourne tunes, I played ’em back, now I’m sharing mine. You can see the rest of the Vote for the GOAT Top 5s here. and compare and contrast your lists with mine. Let’s actually start with yours.

Vote for the GOAT – Ozzy Osbourne

5) No More Tears

4) Mr. Crowley

3) Shot in the Dark

2) Mama, I’m Coming Home

1) Crazy Train


Now we’ll dive into mine, which starts with a bit of a curveball.


5) I Ain’t No Nice Guy – Yes, it’s a Motörhead song, not an Ozzy song. But dammit, there’s so much going on here. Lemmy wrote a ballad, got Ozzy to sing it with him as a duet, and even brought Slash in to rip through a solo. And? Early-90’s Ozzy is sporting this quasi-George Michael look. The whole thing is a damn masterpiece.

4) I Don’t Know – I have a soft spot for leadoff tracks on debut albums, I guess. This is Ozzy’s solo opening salvo and it still hits.

3) Over The Mountain – That opening 2 bar drum break from Lee Kerslake transcends metal to the point of hardcore punk and sets the tone for not just the song but the entire Diary of a Madman album.

2) Bark at the Moon – Yes, I love Randy Rhodes. Who doesn’t? But Jake E. Lee ripping through the last :30 of this song almost makes me forget about Randy. Sacrilege!

1) No More Tears – Ozzy’s early-’90s lineup–Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo, Mike Inez–was pure gold. The opening riff, Ozzy’s opening line (“The light in the window is a crack in the sky…), the theatrics of it all. It’s all that good Ozzy shit rolled up into one 7-minute epic of a song.