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Released August 27, 1991.

We kicked off 2021 with a little something called Vote for the GOAT, where we asked you to vote for your favorite song by 14 of ROCK 92.9’s biggest artists.


And did you ever vote. We took all those votes and spent 3 weeks playing back your Top 5 picks from all 14 bands. Since that’s in the rearview mirror, I’ve decided to share my Top 5 picks for each of the 14 bands, so you can compare and contrast how your votes stack up against my picks. First up, it’s Pearl Jam.


Pearl Jam was the one Vote for the GOAT band that I thought y’all messed up. Here’s how your Top 10 shook out:

Vote for the GOAT – Pearl Jam

5) Jeremy

4) Alive

3) Black

2) Better Man

1) Even Flow


Four out of five songs from Ten? I mean, yes it’s their breakthrough album, but come on. Your Top 5 lacked diversity. Mine does not. I’ll lay it out for you below, then hit you with another Top 5 tomorrow. You can see the rest of the Vote for the GOAT Top 5s here.


5) Rearviewmirror – Listen closely: at the very end of the song, you can hear drummer Dave Abbruzzese throwing his sticks across the booth in frustration because of how many takes it took to get this song down. A true rock n’ roll moment.

4) Corduroy – It’s Johnny Ramones’ favorite Pearl Jam song, and that’s good enough for me.

3) Once – The tone-setter. That opening groove, Eddie’s vocals all young and raw. I love this song.

2) Immortality – Yes, McCready can melt faces with his solos. But Vedder can write some pretty slick opening riffs.

1) State of Love and Trust – I can understand why this one didn’t make the cut for Ten–where would you put it?–but if it did, it would be the best song on the album.