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DALLAS - JANUARY 22: Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. talks with former NHL great Adam Oates of the Boston Bruins during the American Airlines NHL Salute to a Generation of Stars at the American Airlines Center on January 22, 2007 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Adam 12’s Top 12 12s, in honor of TB12, continues as we approach Super Bowl LV. But TB12 isn’t the only Boston sports 12 we’re honoring.


I mean, there’s no argument: Tom Brady is the all-time greatest Boston athlete to ever wear the number 12 on his jersey. But it’s worth remembering some of the other great 12s in the Boston sports cannon. So let’s turn our attention to my favorite Bruin to ever don the #12 sweater: Adam Oates.


Oatesy played 6 of his 19 NHL seasons in Boston, tallying 499 points in 368 games. He’s eighth all-time in assists in NHL history, with over 1000 (as evidenced by the clip above. No disrespect to Dmitri Kvartalnov, but that highlight is all about the assist, not the goal). Watching him on the ice in Boston throughout the ’90s was a treat. He’s a 12 worth remembering.


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