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AVN Award winning adult film star Vanna Bardot recently did a Reddit Q&A and spilled the beans on porn industry secrets.  She answered questions about what happens on set of an XXX shoot, what goes down after cameras stop rolling. She also talked about her relationship status and how porn affects life. A fan even asked her if “size matters” and tried to get some tips on how to improve their skills in the bedroom. You can read most of her most eye-opening confessions at the link below.


Adult star spills industry secrets - from penis size matters to sex off camera

A porn star spoke candidly about the sex industry in a Reddit Q&A. Vanna Bardot, a 21-year-old who has won an AVN award for her erotic performances, was on hand to answer fans' questions. Many were curious about what happens on set - and many wanted to know about what goes down when cameras stop rolling too.