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Stefan Pierre-Tomlin is the most-right-swiped man on Tinder. However, it was offline where he was able to find love.The 30-year-old model has been swiped right by over 14,000 people since joining the app but none of his matches have resulted in anything lasting.  He actually met another model on one of his photoshoots IN REAL LIFE and they hit it off! He and she both work as models, and finally decided to stop keeping it professional.


Tinder's Most Swiped Right Man Has Found Love The Traditional Way

The most 'swiped right' man in Tinder has finally found love, but not - as you might assume - on the dating app. Instead, Stefan Pierre-Tomlin has started a relationship with 26-year-old model Egle Damulyte, who he met in real life. Funny how that sometimes happens, isn't it?