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A 61-year-old man that has been in and out of the hospital battling multiple illnesses since 2018 claims his wife won’t sleep in the same bed as him. The reason…his toes kept falling off!

Simon Charlesworth was fighting illness in the hospital and his body was having some circulation issues that led to his toes to start falling off.  (You can see some graphic images of his tootsies at the link below) Charlesworth says that, “Some [toes] have come off in my hand while applying antiseptic lotions, some in bed and, by far the worst, some have come off in the shower.”

The fear of waking up in bed with one of his fallen toes is the reason why his wife will not sleep in the same bed.


Man's wife 'refused to sleep in same bed' after his 'toes kept falling off'

A man has said that his wife wouldn't sleep in the same bed as him - because his toes kept falling off. In 2018, Simon Charlesworth, 61, found himself deeply unwell in hospital with the flu, pneumonia, and sepsis.