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Lissa Aries is a Argentinian model who lays claim to having the “biggest butt on OnlyFans.” And her little secret about her gym wardrobe has her making headlines again!

She says she’s laid out over $30K to boost her booty to a 47-inch butt-lover’s paradise. Now, she’s gaining even more attention because of a change to her gym workout wardrobe. In an effort to “feel more free,” she’s taken to not wearing underwear while she does her two-hour workout consisting of squats and other exercises designed to maintain her butt.

It’s not known how many pairs of shorts and leggings have been lost getting sucked into that substantial crack in the process.


Model with 'biggest butt on OnlyFans' ditches undies at the gym to 'feel free'

An Instagram model has revealed her saucy secret when it comes to going to the gym. Lissa Aires, from Argentina, claims to have spent $30,000 (£22,000) on boosting her bum to 47 inches. The beauty earns an absolute fortune per month from her OnlyFans page as she attracts big booty lovers.