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Two women in bikinis posted an Instagram video of them twerking in a public fountain in Seville, Spain at 4:31 A.M. and now they’ve been fined for breaking the coronavirus curfew and not wearing masks in public.

One of the women was seen in numerous pictures from a nearby party and police are looking for more info on the part-goers and other attendees in case of a COVID outbreak.


Bikini-clad women caught twerking in a fountain during Spain curfew

Instagram video with a 4.31am timestamp showed the dance in a public square The women are accused of breaking the curfew and failing to wear a face mask At least one of the women was allegedly also seen at a party in a nearby flat Two bikini-clad women were caught twerking in a public fountain in the centre of Seville in the early hours of the morning - sparking a police investigation because it was during a Covid-19 curfew.