Over the weekend, locals in the Wanhua district were celebrating the 165th anniversary of Qingshan Palace…a celebration some call a “mini-Chinese New Year.” A couple in a luxury hotel above where the parade took place chose to celebrate a bit more intimately.

Onlookers from the street level were able to see the couple through a window five stories, or so, were able to see them getting down and dirty. Police say they are investigating and will handle the couple “in accordance with the law.” The cops added that those who shot video of the action were guilty of breaking “spreading of obscenity laws.”


Couple Spotted Having Sex In Hotel Window During Religious Festival

This is the moment a couple were seen having sex in a hotel window - as religious devotees gathered below during a festival: The randy pair were making love on the tenth floor, unaware that hundreds of people could see them on the street below in Taipei, Taiwan, on Sunday night (6 December).