A couple in the Villages retirement community in Florida won a golf cart from a vodka company on Friday night . . . and then, a few hours later, the woman was arrested for a DUI after she FLIPPED the cart.

Here’s a little video of the woman and her husband winning the golf cart.

It’s not clear what happened immediately after this video, but reports say that the woman was behind the wheel when the golf cart flipped over taking a turn.  Reports also said there were two passengers in the golf cart when it crashed, including a woman taken from the scene by an ambulance. The woman was arrested for DUI.


Villager jailed on DUI charge after husband wins Fuzzy's Vodka golf cart

A Villager was jailed on a drunk driving charge hours after her husband won a specially tricked out Fuzzy's Vodka golf cart. Rick Skutak of the Village of De Soto was surprised during what appeared to be a driveway party Friday evening when a representative of Fuzzy's Vodka rolled up in a decked-out Fuzzy's Vodka golf cart.