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Ray Liddell made an accidental holiday purchase that’s sure to make him the talk of his UK neighborhood.

Initially, his plan was to buy a nice little inflatable “Grinch” to decorate his yard with. Fast forward $670 spent, he learned the hard way that you should always read the fine print. Instead of the life-sized Grinch he thought it was getting, he received a 35-foot-tall monster.


Man Orders 35-Foot-Tall Grinch That's Bigger Than His House

A man who bought a large inflatable shaped like the Grinch to impress his daughter got a bit of a shock when it turned up and was even taller than his house. Ray Liddell, 49, just wanted to give his seven-year-old daughter Jasmine a Christmas treat, but has now ended up with a 35-foot-tall Grinch sitting in his front yard.