Gregg Allman, who would have celebrated his 73rd birthday today (December 8), gave an incredible interview back in 2012 on Conan promoting his autobiography, My Cross to Bear.

The interview covers a multitude of topics from trying to fight Johnny Rotten, listening back to At Fillmore East and the Allman Brothers Band Museum in Macon, Georgia.

Gregg Allman Reminisces On His Allman Brothers Days - CONAN on TBS

Gregg Allman remembers the good ol' days with the women and the rock and roll and whatnot.


As if it couldn’t get any more hilarious, Allman tells the story of having dinner at the White House with President Jimmy Carter shortly after his inauguration proving long before the 2020 documentary that he really was the “Rock & Roll President.”

Gregg Allman And President Jimmy Carter Are Tight! - CONAN on TBS

Gregg Allman recalls the days when he was palling around with Governor Jimmy Carter (before he became President).


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