Motley Crue has become the latest music act to join the condiment game with the launch of their very own line of hot sauce.

Available via the Crue’s official website, the band’s hot sauce comes in a box set containing six different flavors/heat levels.

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Those six flavors/heat levels include the following, each with their own Crue-themed name:

-Home Sweet Home Mango Pepper Hot Sauce (Mild Heat Level)
-Wild Side Garlic Hot Sauce (Mild Heat Level)
-Primal Scream Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce (Super Hot Heat Level)
-Dr. Feelgood Jalapeno Hot Sauce (Spicy Heat Level)
-Live Wire Hot Sauce (Hot Heat Level)
-Shout At The Devil Extra Hot Sauce (Extra Hot Heat Level)

Complete details on the hot sauce set can be found at

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