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A girl discovered she had COVID-19 during her own TikTok taste test challenge.  She ordered a Starbucks Iced Coffee with five pumps of vanilla and three pumps of caramel . . . but when she takes a sip she can’t taste a thing. At first she blames the drink, and then you can slowly see the realization come over her face.  She quarantined herself for about a week afterwards.

#greenscreen I'll keep you guys posted omg... #covid19 #coronavirus

maryn (@mcfluflu) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | #greenscreen I'll keep you guys posted omg... #covid19 #coronavirus | Trying Tiktok Starbucks Drinks... but it took a turn???? | *realization setting in | * i woke up with a stuffy nose but i thought it was normal allergies* | ...