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If you miss curling up next to someone in bed and holding hands all night long . . .this could be the next best thing.

A woman named Madeline Robertson was just granted a patent for a pillow that has a built-in cloth hand you can hold.  She says the hand will be made of a different material than the pillow, so it feels different when you lock fingers with it. There’s no word on if or when she plans on making these pillows.  But hey, thanks to this patent, she’s the ONLY one who can make them.


Pillow with a built-in hand to hold | Boing Boing

Madeline Robertson recently patented a pillow with a built-in hand to hold. Apparently, the hand could also be attached to a shirt. From the USPTO filing: The tactile object may be formed of a second material that is different than the first material, the tactile object formed in the shape of a comfort item.