There’s some bizarre awesomeness going on in Russia.

To find it, you need look no further than their version of MMA. That’s where 139-pound Darina Madzyuk was pitted against 529-pound Grigory Chistyakov. During that titanic struggle, Diana was somehow able to use her wits and skill to land a TKO against an opponent almost four-times her weight.

You can see the fight below, the video is a full MMA card, but this fight starts near the 1:29:19 mark.


139 Pound Woman TKO's 529 Pound Man In 90 Seconds At Freak Show MMA Event In Russia

While many people were locked in on Mike Tyson's fight against Roy Jones Jr. this past weekend which ended in a not-at-all rigged draw, there was another historic combat sport event taking place in Russia at an event titled "Our Business."