The mayor of Oudenburg, Belgium is doing some apologizing after the decorations placed around the city ended up appearing too phallic for the tastes of some.

Intended to look like candles, the decorations consist of white staff of lights that stand straight up and erect at about three-feet tall. At the tip, the “flame” takes the form of a lighted blue ball. When put together, many of the city’s inhabitants find they look more like glowing penises, rather than candles. Mayor Anthony Dumarey says boner decorations weren’t the intent, but he’s willing “to see the lighter side of the incident.”

Mayor apologises for Belgian town's phallic Christmas decorations

Officials were originally thinking of making candles but decided it was a cliché They instead decided to place a blue ball on top of the column in Oudenburg Residents quickly realised the festive decor looked more like male genitalia A Belgian mayor has admitted to local residents that he did not intentionally set out to make this year's Christmas decorations appear quite so phallic.