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PARLIER, CA - AUGUST 25: A cats steps out of a litter box at The Cat House on the Kings on August 25, 2017 in Parlier, California. The Cat House on the Kings is California's largest cat sanctuary and adoption center that currently houses nearly 1,000 adult cats and kittens. The cats live in a house on 12 acres of land that used to be occupied by founder Lynea Lattanzio. Over 24,000 cats have been saved since The Cat House on the Kings was founded 25 years ago. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Coronavirus pandemic has kept us at home, and that’s given us a lot of time on our hands to indulge in some very creative projects.


Take Alex Mitchell. He’s a composer and video artist. He’s also a cat owner, and his wife Hannah Solow just shared this photo of Alex using a piece of his recording equipment to spruce up the poop chamber of their cat, Mingus.


Dive into Hanna’s thread for more about Mingus, who also enjoys eating out of the trash. Of course, we also have a few “On Air” lights here at ROCK 92.9. Time to put them to good use.