Gym teacher Katherine Lake is looking for a new gig after having a really good time at her students’ prom. Before the dance, Lake started drinking with some of her teaching associates. Eight glasses later, she took a seat on a student’s lap in front of his “stunned pals,” exposed her boobs and posed with five students in a photo booth, shared a smoke with another student, fell over while trying to sit on the lap of another student.

Lake says she was so hammered that she “doesn’t remember the night.” However, she accepted the school’s decision to sack her, admitted to her “unacceptable conduct,” and is looking forward to the next chapter of her life.


PE teacher who flashed her breasts at prom is banned from classrooms

Katherine Lake, 44, has been banned from classrooms by disciplinary panel PE teacher admitted inappropriate behaviour at Year 11 prom at Norfolk school She attempted to sit on one student's lap, smoked a cigarette with another, then exposed her breasts while posing in a photo booth, in June 2019 A PE teacher from Norfolk has been struck off after getting drunk and flashing her breasts in a photograph with pupils at a school prom.