A 32-year-old mom that was making a living as a waitress before the coronavirus pandemic has found a new job while in lockdown.

While being stuck at home she was able to embrace her nudist lifestyle and also help others stuck at home embrace and discover their sexual power as a sex coach. She also started a cuddle therapy service to help clients reduce stress. Her daughter is only 3 so she doesn’t really know how she will react to the “naturalist” lifestyle her mom is living.

You can see some of her body positive and inspirational posts on Instagram. One post is embedded below.


Nudist mum helps clients find their 'sexual power' in intimate sessions

A mum who loves hiking naked has found the perfect career during lockdown - she's become a sex coach. After losing her job as a waitress during the coronavirus pandemic, Molly Spock started teaching people about finding their "sexual power".