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FORT DRUM, NY - MAY 18: A 10th Mountain Division soldier holds a live hand grenade during a training exercise on May 18, 2016 at Fort Drum, New York. Members of Bravo Company, 41st Engineer Battalion threw both live and dummy grenades during the mock assault. Although most U.S. combat forces have been withdrawn from the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the troops are on near-constant training missions for future deployments. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

When you’re raking the autumn leaves, you expect to find a twig or two or maybe a candy wrapper. You don’t expect to find this.


On Sunday, a woman working in her yard in Smithfield, Rhode Island came across a hand grenade. She immediately alerted the local authorities, who immediately called on the Rhode Island State Bomb Squad. The Bomb Squad determined the grenade was live and removed it from the premises for transportation and safe detonation.


Yard work can be hard work, but it would certainly be a lot harder with grenades going off while you’re trying to rake. has the rest of the story.