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Good news:  You can now buy Cinnabon frosting by the PINT.  Bad news:  When we heard about that, we thought, “Oh, so you can eat it with a spoon or by the handful” . . . instead of using it for baking like a reasonable adult. But it’s true:  Cinnabon is selling pints of its frosting for $6 during the holidays. You can only get them from their stores, or if you use delivery apps that bring Cinnabon to your house.  Use the frosting responsibly.


You Can Buy Pints Of Cinnabon's Classic Frosting And I'm Ready To Smother It On Everything

Even if you don't typically bake all year round, this is the time of year when anyone and everyone wants to get in the kitchen to make something sweet. For some holiday cookie recipes, frosting is the true showstopper but if you don't want to make it from scratch, you can now buy pints of Cinnabon's signature cream cheese frosting to bring any of your baked goods to the next level.