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A former engineer who worked on Alexa for Amazon has developed a new project.  It’s an app that translates your cat’s meows. 

The app gives users the ability to record a cat’s meow and it will decodes what it means.  It can identify things like “I’m hungry” or “I’m happy” and even “I’m in pain.”  The research team realized that there are approximately nine intents all cats have.

The app is currently undergoing constant updates and tweaks with the ultimate goal of a collar that will translate with a voice response.


Former Amazon engineer creates app that reportedly translates your cat's meows

Everything from "I'm hungry" to "I'm happy" and even "I'm in pain" are all built into the app, translated based on tone. BELLEVUE, Wash. - A former Amazon engineer who worked on Alexa has unveiled his latest pet project: an app that translates your cat's meow.