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Adam 12

11am - 4 pm

Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder chatted with Howard Stern for over three hours on Monday. I listened to a chunk of it so you don’t have to pay for it.


Here are five cool things I learned while listening to the chat.

1) Eddie likes to play instruments he doesn’t know how to play that well. The creative approach when he picks up, say, his ukulele, is different.

2) Eddie was listening the day that Howard and High Pitch Eric were listening to “Yellow Ledbetter” and trying to figure out the lyrics. Eddie said Howard came pretty close.

3) Eddie learned a lot from Johnny Ramone–an avowed Republican–about conservative politics and beliefs. Johnny and Eddie would go back and forth, grilling each other on the issues.

4) Eddie isn’t very happy about the way the Coronavirus pandemic has been handled. He’s a big science guy and climate change activist and is hoping to see Americans come together to address these crises.

5) Eddie is a big fan of Howard’s corny, old-school radio voice and talked Howard into talking up a Pearl Jam song in that voice.


It was great to hear one great interviewed by another great. Here’s hoping the whole thing ends up online somewhere so we can all check it out.