Adam 12

11am - 4pm

A Halloween Adventure store, located in a defunct Circuit City consumer electronics store building, sells costumes, props and accessories for Halloween revelers on October 21, 2009 in Burbank, California.

2020: a dumpster fire of a year, all-around. So why would Halloween 2020–and this years crop of costumes–be an exception?


You’d think that with people taking COVID-related precautions like social distancing and already wearing masks that there wouldn’t be much of a market for Halloween costumes. Yet here we are, with another crop of cringey ones. Scroll through the gallery, then cast your vote and let us know which one is the worst.


Adult Cannabis Candy Costume – Yeah, maybe don’t walk around dressed like a giant bag of weed gummies. (photo via Halloween Express)

Postal Babe – Can we maybe give a cut of sales from this one to the USPS? They need the cash (photo via Yandy)

Sexy Mail-In Ballot – Speaking of the mail: timely, topical, and completely unnecessary. (photo via Yandy)

Tiger Queen – Eat your heart out, Joe Exotic. (photo via Yandy)

Avacado Toast – Because no gallery would be complete without a couples costume…with a 5-year-old reference. (photo credit Yandy)


You’ve seen ’em. Now vote.