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Playboy model Jenna Bentley recently asked her followers and fans if she should upgrade her 32DDD boobs to something bigger. While hundreds of her fans responded – with over 80% urging her to not go through with it – one fan was so determined to stop her from blowing up her balloons any more that he offered Jenna $39-grand to stand down and keep her jigglers just the way they are.

You can see her on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/jennabentley007


Playboy model offered £30k by concerned fan to stop getting plastic surgery

A stunning Playboy model claims she's been offered a lot of money to not go under the knife again. Earlier this year, Jenna Bentley put her huge decision in the hands of Daily Star readers. As the star couldn't decide whether to get plastic surgery to enlarge her 32DDD breasts, we conducted a poll to help her.