Adam 12

11am - 4pm

Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy, Volume 2 features previously unreleased tracks from the likes of Pearl Jam, David Byrne, and more.


If you’re not aware, music-streaming website Bandcamp has waived their cut of sales on the first Friday of the month dating back to March to give more money to struggling artists. And the Good Music compilation takes it a step further: “100% of the net proceeds from the album’s sales will go to Voting Rights Lab, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization that brings state advocacy, policy, and legislative expertise to secure, protect, and defend the voting rights of all Americans.” A good and timely cause. Check out the full tracklisting here.


I’ve been a long-time proponent of Bandcamp: they’re the digital platform that does the most for artists.  Click here for the full statement from Bandcamp, then click here to start discovering music. Oh, and you can check out my Bandcamp page here to see (and hear) what I’ve been listening to.