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A guy in Scotland recently pranked his friend by sending a piece of cake to the friend’s table while the guy was on a first date . . . and “Will you marry me?” was written in icing on the plate.

The whole thing was caught on video, and it doesn’t sound like there will be a second date.


Man on date mortified as friend orders dessert to table with proposal

Lee McIver, 24, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, pranked Stephen Durand He knew he was meeting a woman at Glasgow steak restaurant Finsbay Flatiron Lee called venue pretending to be Stephen and said he was planning proposal Staff brought out cheesecake on a plate decorated with the romantic words A prankster stitched up a friend on a first date - by ordering a dessert to his table on a plate decorated with the words, 'Will you marry me?'.