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Brace yourself, because Netflix might soon be taking more of your money.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the streaming service many raise prices again, according to Jefferies analyst Brent Thill. “Netflix stands to haul in a whopping $500 million to $1 billion in extra sales in 2021 should it decide to raise prices (as many on the Street believe will happen soon) by $1 to $2 in all four of its geographies.”

They add that a “Price hike may cause Netflix to lose some subscribers in more price-sensitive international markets, the company’s deep content library and shift to more at home living due to the pandemic suggests the majority of subscribers will shrug at the extra costs.”

If it feels like Netflix just raised prices, its because they did. In January of 2019, plans went up $1 to $2.

Yahoo! Finance lastly points out, “Noteworthy is that Netflix shares have been the best-performing among the FAANG cohort over the last month of intense pressure on the sector, according to Yahoo Finance Premium data, likely as investors position ahead of a price hike by Netflix.”

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