Max Stanford has a professional relationship with food. Through his competitive eating career, he’s been known to lay waste to sick amounts of Oreos (141 in five-minutes), donuts (30 in ten-minutes), and chicken nuggets (50 in two-minutes). His latest conquest came in the form of traditional beef pies and mash from a popular UK eatery. In 43-minutes, he was able to down 18-pies and seven portions of mash (that’s potatoes), all of which weighed a total of 11-pounds. And he did it in just 43 minutes.

P.S? The son-of-a-bitch is also extremely skinny, which doesn’t seem the least bit fair.


Man Eats 18 Pies In 43 Minutes During Humungous Eating Challenge

Share Tweet Max - known as Max vs Food online - recently managed took on a pie and mash challenge and scoffed down 18 pies, as well as seven large helpings of mash and liquor, all in less than 45 minutes. Yes, under an hour to defeat this 8,000 calorie beast.