A 36-year-old female pastor has swapped out her church duties for a career in OnlyFans content creation and says she has never been happier!

Nikole Mitchell is mom of three former pastor turned explicit content creator left the church she was working for back in July 2017, came out as bisexual, and started building her new life.  She attended class to help women explore and express their sexy self and soon booked her first nude photoshoot. You can see her photos on instagram here

Mitchell claims she cried after the first nude shoot cause she had “never felt more holy and sacred in her life,” she soon launched her OnlyFans account and now makes a limit creating explicit content.


Pastor-turned-stripper has 'never felt holier' after dumping church for OnlyFans

A bisexual-pastor-turned-stripper says she has never been happier after leaving the church to start an OnlyFans career. Nikole Mitchell says she had always wanted to become an erotic dancer. She told the New York Post : "From a young age, I had fantasised about being a stripper."