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It seems that hot Instagram model Monique Agostino didn’t have enough going for her with her good looks.

The 25-year-old hottie with experience in real estate and as a “modeling entrepreneur” is now trading bikinis and Catwoman cosplay for a prison jumpsuit. She’s been sentenced to one of Australia’s “toughest women’s prisons” for a “series of bizarre masked robberies”. We’d let you check out her pics on Instagram, but she has deleted her account.


Instagram model jailed for bizarre masked robberies

EXCLUSIVE Instagram model Monique Agostino has been jailed in the state's toughest women's prison for a series of bizarre masked robberies with juvenile males, drug offences, shoplifting and having a knife in a Target store. The 25-year-old is imprisoned in Silverwater Women's Correctional Centre after being arrested last month on a warrant for the second time this year.