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A sex instructor in Australia has launched a new service where men can send in pictures of their junk and she’ll RATE what they’ve got and give them honest feedback.

If you’re interested, it costs $37.

If you’re interested, there are more details on her Instagram post.

New Service Alert!!!! ⠀ Want me to rate your ?????? Read on ????????⠀ ⠀ Being a SEX Coach inevitably leads to random messages from men asking me to help them out by looking at their ????⠀ ⠀ And while I'm ???? not a fan of the unsolicited dick pic, (guys, don't do it! It's not cool) there is something to be said about those cock shots... because by knowing and understanding a man's penis, or more importantly, by him understanding his own, he can learn ALOT about how to use it and be better in the bedroom.⠀ ⠀ And (guys take note!!!) here is WHY it is so important to educate yourself on the art of using the good old rooster:⠀ ⠀ * Because stats say 67% of women fake their orgasms.⠀ * Only 4% of single women say they orgasm with a tinder or other date⠀ * 72% of women say they have been in one or more scenarios where the man has finished and made NO attempt to help the woman do the same.⠀ * And less than 19% of men are familiar with how their anatomy goes hand in hand with the female anatomy to create ultimate juicy pleasure! Basically a lot of men simply don't know how the vagina works!⠀ ⠀ Which is exactly why EVERYONE can benefit from educating themselves. No one knows every thing. My advice... don't assume you're doing it all right, talk to your partner, communicate and engage in pleasure, talk to a professional and become a g.o.d in the sheets.⠀ ⠀ So, with all this in mind, let me introduce you to my new service Rate Your Rooster where (for a fee!!!) you CAN send in your ???? pics and I'll give you educational feedback on:⠀ * How to use it for increased mutual pleasure with your partner⠀ * The best positions for your penis size and shape⠀ * Tips on how to pleasure your woman through movement, speed, thrust and much more⠀ * Genital hygiene advice⠀ * A conscious touch masturbation technique to help you last longer in the bedroom AND tune into your cock so YOU experience enhanced pleasure⠀ * Info on boundaries and consent⠀ ⠀ This is Sex-Ed for the modern man and I cant wait to welcome you to The School of SEX. Shoot me a DM (with a reasonable question, NOT a pic) and I'll give you more info, or visit the link in my bio! ⠀

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Mum charging £28 to rate men's privates - and she gives very honest feedback

A mum has revealed she charges men £28 to rate their manhood - and it's her most popular service. Sex educator and lifestyle coach Lahnee Pavlovich, from Queensland, Australia, advises men on how to improve their love lives based on the shape and size of their pecker.