Walter Brecker, left, and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan pose backstage with Grammy they won for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2001. They also won Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Album of the Year. Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Steely Dan becoming a top ten trend on Twitter in the United States suddenly in 2020 seems delightfully random, but there is a good reason behind it.

It all started when Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Jerry Saltz tweeted, “The worst band ever is???? Steely Dan. You???” He then followed that tweet up with, “Almost only men love Steely Dan.”

This tweet led to an avalanche of responses and other comments over the validity of these statements. Long story short: Plenty of fans of all genders came out of the woodwork to declare their love for the rock/jazz fusion band to the point where the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers topped out at being the number six trending topic in the United States.

Here are some of the best responses.

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